10 Universal Tips for Raising Great Teens

By now most of us parents know that there is no real manual for parenting, especially when it comes to teens. However, I have found that these 10 Universal Tips for Raising Great Teens can help in almost any parenting situation.

1. Rules, structure, and consequences have to be in place.

2. Your teen needs to understand that you already know they are going to make mistakes, and that’s OK.

3. Honesty is not the best policy, it’s the ONLY policy.

4 Saying you’re sorry and wanting to do things differently can go a long way.

5. Some actions have long-term, if not life-long, consequences.

6. Love is not conditional on good behavior. It’s just love, and always there.

7. Respect and Communication are the food that Trust needs to grow.

8. Actions have consequences, and consequences are different than punishments.

9. We won’t know what’s wrong unless you tell us. Communication is key.

10. It will get easier.


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