Guest Blogger: Robbie Richards – Cyberbullying

Today’s guest blogger is Robbie Richards from Rawhide Boys Ranch. We’ve asked Robbie to talk a little bit about cyberbullying and the challenges parents face when dealing with this serious issue. Cyberbullying is a major problem in America.

72% of teens report being bullied at least once in the past year, with 25% being bullied multiple times.
Despite it’s growing prevalence, only 1 in 6 parents are aware their child is the victim of online bullying or cyberbullying.


Teens rarely report online bullying because they feel ashamed or are afraid about how their parents might react.

This is why cyberbullying leads to so many further problems.

3 million children skip school each month to avoid facing their bullies. That’s like the entire city of Chicago not showing up for work!

So, what can parents do to address this issue?

Rawhide Boys Ranch have put together an insightful infographic that covers a range of topics related to online bullying, including: prevalence rates, warning signs and tips for parents.
You can find more information here.


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