Guest Blogger: HopeLine Provides Survivors A Helping Hand


I recently came into contact with Joanne Peters from HopeLine. Joanne had some great information to share. So, rather than simply giving out a link, I thought it would be great to have Joanne tell all of my readers about this amazing program. I hope you all take this valuable information and share it with your social networks. HopeLine is a program that connects survivors of domestic violence to vital resources, funds, and organizations. To date, they have collected over 10 million phones nationwide, and have donated over $20 million dollars to domestic violence related organizations.

A great explanation of the program can be found here:

Nearly one in four women in the United States, and one in seven men, are affected by domestic violence. One of the many obstacles faced by these survivors is being cut-off from calling for help due to a lack of access to a phone, the theft of destruction of their phone, or being stuck in circumstances that prevent one from being available.

Verizon’s HopeLine Initiative accepts the donation of wireless phones that are no longer in use, and converts them to either financial contributions or working devices that are provided to domestic violence shelters and other allies in the fight against domestic violence. All HopeLine phones come with 3,000 anytime minutes pre-loaded for full airtime and texting, to give users the freedom to find they help they need.

The HopeLine was launched in October 2001, and the outpouring of support since then has led to over 11.4 million phones being donated. This nationwide program has helped thousands of people have access to the voice they need so that they can receive the help they deserve.

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