3 Tips for Studying: High School Edition

Now, I was a little different as a student. My face was always buried in a book, so the idea of studying was pretty appealing to me. It meant that I didn’t have to deal with whatever was going on in my family and personal life at the time. However, just because I liked to study does not mean that I was good at it. 

Studying is a skill. In order for that skill to work at peak performance it must be taken care of. Tools need to be cleaned, greased up, stored properly, and used for the right job. Studying works the same way. 

Here’s a few tips that will help your high school student get the most out of their study time. 
  1. Organization: This is a skill all on its own, but it is also an essential part of studying effectively. Organizational skills have to be used to come up with a “plan of attack” when it comes to studying. You have to organize your thoughts, then your tools. Planing for tests in advance, studying regularly to avoid cramming for tests and quizzes, making lists of the things needed to complete each assignment, completing assignments before their deadline in order to free up time for other pressing projects, and even simple time management, are all part of the organization needed to study effectively. 
  2. Notes: There are dozens of different ways to take notes. The key is to pay attention to what the educator tells you. Facts, key dates, problems written on the board, these are all usually tools that teacher use when formulating a text or quiz. Remember, tests and quizzes are assessments, they assess what the student has learned. If the teacher takes the time to point something out, chances are, it’s on the test! Writing notes by hand also stimulates key areas of the brain that reinforce learning and memory. Use your hands, and use your notes. 
  3. Flashcards – I’m a big believer in flashcards, because they work. Sure, it’s about memorization, but so is most academic testing. flashcards, along with adequate note taking, are a solid foundation for studying. In today’s digital age it’s even easier than ever too! There are flashcard apps that can be shared by students and teachers. There are flashcard apps that can be used on smart phones and PC’s too. So even “green” parents can get in on the flash card action. 

High school can be brutal. They throw a ton of information at you, and usually students find themselves in a sink or swim atmosphere. Well, it’s easier to prevent drowning by using a life-preserver, and that’s what good studying habits and techniques can do for students of all ages. Sit down and take the time to organize work into manageable tasks. Conquer them one by one. 

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