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Guest Blogger: Robbie Richards – Cyberbullying

Today’s guest blogger is Robbie Richards from Rawhide Boys Ranch. We’ve asked Robbie to talk a little bit about cyberbullying and the challenges parents face when dealing with this serious issue. (more…)

Pre-Teens and Predators: Social Media Video

I wanted to share this video. It’s an experiment that this YouTube account did. They created a fake account and started up conversations with pre-teens. After just a few days of conversation they tried to meet up with the children, aged 12-14. The teens had no idea that it was actually a twenty-something who was working in collaboration with their parents to find out what their kids would do when put in this all to familiar position. The results were shocking and scary.

There are two parts I’d like to discus.

1. What do you think of this information? I find it shocking how easy it was to get access to these young girls. It’s frightening.

2. What do you think of these type of scare tactics. Statistically they seem to not work very well, at least from what I have read.

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