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5 Warning Signs of Teen Dating Violence

teen dating violence

teen dating violenceWith the recent increase in domestic violence #Trending I think that now is a good time to talk a little bit about TeenDV, or teen dating violence. (more…)

Negative Self Talk

Negative Self TalkSome days it can feel like the whole world is judging your every decision. Sometimes your hardest critic is yourself.

It’s the same way for our teens, and remember, they have raging hormones too! (more…)

Tantrums, Communication and Sometimes Being Wrong

tantrumKids throw fits. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. How you handle those situations & how you communicate with your kids can set the tone for future tantrums too. (more…)

Basketball and Teenagers in Crisis: Therapeutic Value?

basketball and teenagersOne thing is true when it comes to working with teens in crisis, especially boys, basketball and teenagers are a perfect fit. It was a perfect fit when I was 18 and first started, and it’s still a perfect fit 15+ years later. (more…)

Child Abuse: The Ripple Effect – Part 6 – The Guilt

guiltAlong with anger is guilt. Even the loneliest among us feels guilt. It may be because of leaving someone behind to suffer in our place. It may be leaving behind your family because no matter how horrible they were to you, they are still family and disregarding those bonds is hard, even for an abuse survivor. It may be over feelings of betrayal or feelings that you deserved the punishment that was given to you. (more…)

Child Abuse: The Ripple Effect – Part 3 – The First Ripples

ripplesImagine a stone being thrown into a lake. That stone being thrown, that violent action causes the water around it to spread out into ripples. At first those ripples are close together and well defined and as time goes on they become wider and farther apart. This is the way that abuse affects our lives. Although the ripples are farther apart they are still there, even if you cant see the ripples I assure you they are still moving and still there. (more…)

Child Abuse: The Ripple Effect – Part 2 – Emotional Pain

emotional painMy physical & verbal abuse stopped when I was around thirteen years old but the emotional pain would stay with me for years to come. After previously running away twice and even getting law enforcement involved numerous times, to no avail, the abuse stopped. There was no hero. There was no great victory. I simply ran away and refused to go back. Not because I was heroic, or because I finally had the courage to do something about it but because I physically could not take another beating. I was done, I had counted out and decided that if I died that night, it would be OK as long as there was no more pain. (more…)

Bullying: Is Your Child Being Bullied At School? Six Signs To Look For.

bullyingBullying. It seems to be a fight that never really goes away. I vicious circle of ups & downs that gets overlooked as much as it gets addressed. Statistics from the 2008–2009 School Crime Supplement has shown that kids only notify adults in about 1/3rd of all bullying cases. (more…)

What to Watch – Talking About Drugs

Talking about drugs with your teen can be awkward. It can be embarrassing & it can be frustrating. (more…)

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