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Teaching Personal Responsibility

personal responsibility

personal responsibilityI’m not going to lie, teaching personal responsibility is hard. It’s going to force parents and teens alike to look inward and do some serious self-evaluation. It does not really matter if your kid is naturally more compliant, or a human tornado, teaching personal responsibility takes a little bit of work. (more…)

Quick Post: More Listening, Less Lecturing


lecturingDo you do more lecturing, or more listening? Recent studies have shown that teens retain about 5% of the information that is “forced” upon them, compared to the 55% they retain from open dialog and communication. (more…)

Supporting A Depressed Teen

Emotionally Supporting

Emotionally SupportingYou’ve cleared one huge hurdle and identified possible depression or suicidal thoughts/actions in your teen But how do you support them now? Should you camp at the foot of your teens bed and take their shoelaces “just in case”? Let’s look at different ways to give support by ACTING and not REACTING to the situation. (more…)

5 Warning Signs of Teen Dating Violence

teen dating violence

teen dating violenceWith the recent increase in domestic violence #Trending I think that now is a good time to talk a little bit about TeenDV, or teen dating violence. (more…)

6 Steps To Positive Parenting Teens/Kids

6StepsToPositiveParentingTeens/KidsI wanted to share my 6 Steps To Positive Parenting Teens/Kids with you guys. Of course these are not hard and fast rules and every situation is different and should be treated so but I think if you implement these simple things into your everyday life things could be a little easier. (more…)

Tantrums, Communication and Sometimes Being Wrong

tantrumKids throw fits. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. How you handle those situations & how you communicate with your kids can set the tone for future tantrums too. (more…)

The Chavez Boxing Foundation – A Place to Grow and Learn.

522641_10150634990301394_2076816305_nThe Chavez Boxing Foundation is a non-profit youth intervention/prevention program which offers the sport of amateur boxing as an alternative to destructive behavior. (more…)

Bullying: Is Your Child Being Bullied At School? Six Signs To Look For.

bullyingBullying. It seems to be a fight that never really goes away. I vicious circle of ups & downs that gets overlooked as much as it gets addressed. Statistics from the 2008–2009 School Crime Supplement has shown that kids only notify adults in about 1/3rd of all bullying cases. (more…)

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